DOC Schedule: March 27th 2022, News (Bluewater Hockey League)

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Feb 28, 2022 | Anne Marie Schofield | 1153 views
DOC Schedule: March 27th 2022
The Bluewater Day of Champs will be at the Atlas Tube Center in Belle River. Schedules and rinks are listed below. 

NOTE: If changes occur they will be posted here and will be communicated to the participating teams. 

U10 8:00AM ATC Rink C
U11 8:30AM ATC The Rock
U11AE 8:45AM ATC Shuren
U12 10:00AM ATC The Rock
U13 10:15AM ATC Shuren
U13AE 9:45AM ATC Rink C
U14 11:45AM ATC The Rock
U15 12:00PM ATC Shuren
U15AE 11:45AM ATC Rink C
U16 1:45PM ATC The Rock
U18 2:00PM ATC Shuren